Gap Analysis allows you to clearly see any gaps in a pupil's learning to effectively plan next steps.

  • Click on "Classes & Groups"
  • Select "Classes"
  • Select "Gap Analysis"
  • Select the year group or class/group, subject and rung year you wish to view



Pupil specific breakdown
It is also possible to see how a pupil is progressing through the year and what objectives they have 'Started', 'Not Started' and 'Completed.  To see this, click the 'Show Breakdown', as marked on the below image and you will then see percentages for each pupil and the subject you're viewing.

Tip: Click on a students name and/or rung statement to highlight the cells!

Click on colour to switch between 'Shades' and 'Traffic Light'

You can download the gap analysis table to a PDF document by using the "Export" button in the top right hand corner (please consider the environment before printing).